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Green's Indoor Golf Rates

Rates are based on simulator studio rental per hour and not per person. Whether you play solo or in a foursome, the hourly rental rate is the same and can be split amongst the players. If you plan on playing golf regularly or a few times per year, by yourself or with friends, it makes sense to become a Birdie, Eagle, Ace or Green Jacket Member to save on the playing fees. 

Simulator Rates

Same hourly rates for weekdays and weekend and SPRING SPECIAL RATES ARE IN EFFECT

Use the discount codes below used when booking tee times to substantially reduce the regular cost of $70.00 per golf studio hour:           $30 per hour (per golf studio) when you visit between 5:30am - 12 noon.  Use discount code: SUNRISE                                                             $40 per hour (per golf studio) when you visit between 12 noon - 5:00pm.  Use discount code: MIDDAY                                                           $50 per hour (per golf studio) when you visit between 5:00PM - 11:00PM.  Use discount code: EVENING        

The hourly rates are "per studio" and not per person so bring up to three friends (max foursome) and split the room fee.  

No initiation fees and no recurring monthly payments. 


Click here to be directed to the booking schedule.  Be sure to Register first if you are a                                                                                new member at Greens in order to be able to Log on for tee time scheduling.  

 (taxes are included for all rates and Gift Cards)

The rates below are REGULAR RATES so disregard during SPRING SPECIAL! 

Non-Member  $70/hr Walk-in rate
Birdie Package $60/hr $360 for 6 hours  
Eagle Package  $55/hr

$660 for 12 hours.  

Green Jacket Package $45/hr $1620 for 36 hours Includes "off hour" play access.    

The “rule of thumb” for playing time estimates one hour for each experienced golfer to complete 18 holes. Two players could expect to play 18 holes in 2 hours, three players in 3 hours and so on.  Skill level does affect play time so a novice golfer should expect to play less holes in the same amount of time.

Gift Cards are available at any dollar amount.    

We invite you to use our 2017 edition Cobra-Puma golf clubs at no charge!

Greens does not charge upfront initiation fees or require recurring monthly charges.    


Tee time reservations for one or multiple hours at Greens Indoor Golf may be scheduled online (Book a Tee Time Now!) or by phone. You can reserve your tee time up to 7 days in advance. As a Green Jacket member you can book up to 14 days ahead as well as enjoy other benefits such as conveniently storing your personal bag of spare golf clubs at Greens as well as sharing your Membership tee time hours with family. Review the Memberships link for complete details.  

We limit golf play to 4 persons maximum per studio for player safety. Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of your pre-booked tee time to check in, get shoes changed, and anything in between. Non-members will be charged a daily walk-in rate of $70 per hour at the time of booking and cancellations must be done at least 24 hours in advance for a full refund.