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No Membership/Initiation Fees to lock you in.  Just the best costs here :)  

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   97 Baker Street, Maplewood, NJ 07040

973-922-1019  text or call 

Why lock into a recurring 'Monthly Membership' at any indoor golf facility when you can play at Greens Indoor Golf at the best hourly rates anytime during weekdays and weekends?  If you are an active indoor golfer, our 10 Hour Package offer (explained below) provides the best value & versatility to play at just $35 per hour.  And these credits never expire so no need to use them within a month as is the case with most Membership packages.  And at Greens, we allow a 10-minute early arrival to set-up & warm-up and then 5-minutes extra beyond your tee time to pack-up and shut down the projector before heading out. Great value and privacy without the next golfers breathing down your back to take over the room.     

Let's face it:  we all prefer to play outside when weather allows.  Indoor golf is for evenings, rainy days and deep winter but also consider the limitations of any Monthly Membership:  limited choices where to play, use-them-or-lose them pre-paid tee times, and overall more expensive for additional hours beyond included ones especially weekends.  Greens Indoor Golf offers the most competitive multi-hour rates anywhere in NJ without that monthly expense.   


Open ALL 365 days including holidays with over 60 golf courses and Practice Range landscapes to choose from.  Our AboutGolf system has been featured on the Golf Channel for many years with advanced 3Trak technology to track your shots. Click 'play' on the videos above to view a sampling of our high quality images.  Unbeatable rates for multiple hour tee times as low as $35/hr or less to split amongst your group both weekdays and weekends. 

Tee Time Availability:

Click "BOOK NOW!" (above link) to open the scheduling calendar to review available golf times in our two golf rooms.  No Membership or Initiation Fees,  just book and play at the best rates!  We have large TVs and small refrigerators for your drinks.  Rightie and Leftie clubs - borrow at no cost. 

15 minutes extra no charge!

We are unstaffed and provide easy to follow set-up instructions in each room but also sent to your cell phones by link in the booking confirmation emails.  We are available to assist remotely as needed. Arrive into your golf room 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time to get yourself set up on the system and warm up. When your tee time is up, take an extra 5 minutes to gather your things, tidy up the balls and depart before the next golfers arrive. We stagger tee times with "buffer time" in between to avoid mingling of golfers.  The honor system is vital so please leave no more than 5 minutes after the end of your tee time.  If you're still in the golf room 10 minutes after your paid tee time, without prior approval, expect an upcharge on your credit card.  We operate on the honor system so if you stay,  you will pay. ;)      

Gift Certificates:

Available on short notice!  We customize and email you a colorful, print-ready 8 x 11 "Gift of Golf" image which can be printed at home, at Staples or to forward by email to the gift recipient.

How To Order:    text a short message to us at:  973-922-1019 with this following info:   first name of recipient,  amount of hours (below costing) and your email.  We will then email you the custom Gift  Certificate to lookover and if OK,  we'll arrange a call with you for the credit card payment or pay by venmo or zelle.  Info will be provided.   

Gift Certificate costs:  1 hour ($50), 2 hours ($80) , 3 hours ($110) and 4 hours ($140).   5 or more gifted hours  billed at $35.00 per hour.   

Open everyday - 365 days including Holidays: 

Open every day of the year including Holidays from 6:00am to 12 midnight.  We operate as an unstaffed facility providing remote assistance for set up - just you and the golf simulator.  We provide 10 free additional minutes (early arrival) to start the golf system and warm up.  However please depart within 5 minutes of your scheduled finish to avoid mingling with incoming golfers. 

Best Deals!

• 10 hour package for "1 hour" bookings at $35.00/hour =  $350 total.

To get started with a 10 hour package:   book your first tee time using the "10hour" coupon code (be sure to click Apply), and you will see a $35.00 charge for the 1st hour.  We will then re-charge your card $315 (or whatever balance) to total the $350 package cost and then load your user profile with 9 remaining 1 hr tee times.  Call or text if you have any questions about this:  973-922-1019     

Message to Golfers:

Enter the store no earlier than 10 minutes before your tee time to be certain the other golfers in your simulator room have already vacated. At the end of your scheduled paid tee time, please leave promptly within 5 minutes to be courteous to incoming golfers and prevent mingling.  We rely on the honor system so if you linger,  you will be upcharged without notice.  

Use the coupons below for savings when booking tee times.

Promotional Codes To insert and then click APPLY in coupon box on payment page:     

2hour coupon code for a 2-hour booking = $80 total ($40 per hour)   

3hour coupon cod for a 3-hour booking = $110 total ($36.70 per hour) 

4hour coupon code for a 4-hour booking = $140 total ($35.00 per hour) 

  • Open every day of the year including Holidays 6:00 am - 12 midnight. 

  • No walk-ins.  You must pre-book on our scheduling page to reserve your tee time. 

  • Lowest cost per hour in NJ for multi-hour play.  Split the fee amongst family and friends!  (8 player max) 

Located at 97 Baker Street in downtown Maplewood, NJ, just 150 yds from the Maplewood train station, we have two modern aboutGolf™ simulator studios with a great selection of over 40 PGA tour golf courses from around the world to choose from.   

We invite you to use our golf clubs (no charge) or bring your own. Escape into one of the scenic landscapes with some friends or family to play 9 to 18 holes, or hit the driving range to finesse your stroke.

No Initiation or Membership fees and the lowest hourly simulator rates in NJ starting at $50 per hour and decreasing for multi-hour play. Just click "Book Now" above to be directed to our scheduling page to Register your name (if a new user) and email so we can send you a confirmation email of your booking.  Then select a tee time and confirm with a secure credit card payment.  Simple!

BYOB:  Yes, feel free to BYO  "beverages" and " food.  If arriving before 5 pm, the Green Point Juicery serves up delicious & healthy food and organic juices.

Pro Golf Instruction is available from a list of instructors on our website (Lessons link), or feel free to have your own golf professional provide your lesson at Greens. Our aboutGolf™ simulators provide biofeedback and swing analysis information to assist your instructor.

Private Parties:  Best for small groups of 12 people or less.  Contact for information. 

Greens Indoor Golf Rates:

$50 for one hour, $80 for two hours, $110 for three hours, and $140 for four hours! Up to 8 people can play per round since the golf system takes 8 names but surely play a 2 team scramble!  We do not charge Membership or Initiation fees.  Simply book your tee time and come play.  Pricing that you pay is "per golf room" and not "per person" so the fee you pay can be split amongst your group.

Early Morning Tee Times: 

  • Please book early morning tee times (6:00 am-8:30 am) the evening before, so we can be sure to have the room cleaned before your arrival.  All other bookings, please provide at least 30 minutes ahead of tee time. 
  • Bring your own clubs or use our golf clubs at no charge.

How to Reserve a Tee Time Online

3 easy steps:

  1.  Click here to visit the tee time scheduling page.

  2. Then click "Register Now" if you are a first time customer so we can email you your tee time confirmation.

  3. Then choose a golf time in the schedule and click "Book Golf" to *reserve.

Please book your tee time in advance and at least 30 minutes ahead of the time.


Thank you for your interest. No reservations are taken by phone and you must reserve your tee time online. Click BOOK NOW at the top of the page to get there.

Phone/ TEXT number:
(973) 922-1019  Greens Indoor Golf for questions.  

Greens Indoor Golf: Open 365 days per year, holidays included: early morning 6:00 am to 12 midnight by pre-booked appointment only. Reservations MUST be transacted on the website scheduling page to carve out your time in the golf rooms. "BOOK NOW" (top of page)  takes you there. Sorry but no walk-ins. Book a tee time online, and we assist your set-up remotely - easy breezy and no 'social interaction' with any staff.  

97 Baker Street, Suite 4 
Maplewood, NJ 07040

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