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About Greens Member Packages

Whether you are an experienced golfer or an aspiring novice committed to improving your game, you should consider one of Greens "Packages" below to save money and enjoy other conveniences.  We do not upcharge with an intiation fee nor do we charge your credit card on a monthly recurring basis.  Costs are always per hour in one of our golf simulator studios and not per person so any group 4 or less can split the fees. 

Active Police, Fire Dept., Military will receive special hourly rates.  Please email us on our Contact page for details. 

Birdie Package 

Provides the Member six (6) hours of prepaid golf simulator time to be used over a three (3) month period.  The Birdie member package costs $360 for 6 hours of golf play.

Eagle Package
Provides the Member twelve (12) hours of prepaid golf simulator time to be used over a six (6) month period. The Eagle member package costs $660 for 12 hours of golf play.  

Ace Package 

Provides the Member twenty four (24) hours of prepaid golf simulator time to be used over a full year. The Ace member package costs $1200 for 24 hours of golf play. 

Green Jacket Package 

Provides the Member thirty six (36) hours of prepaid golf simulator time at the lowest cost per hour ($45/hour) to be used over a full year.  This is a family membership permitting daughters, sons, spouses and partners to play even when the primary Member is not present during regular business hours.  This does not apply to "off hour" unattended play when the adult Member must be present for liability purposes.

So if you are the type of golfer or golfing family that plays golf year round, this Green Jacket membership package is perfect for you and costs $1620 for 36 hours of golf play.
Other beneifts include:
)  Green’s Access Card to reserve time to play "before-and-after" regular store hours
2)  Ability to reserve a tee time 14 days in advance.
3)  Store a spare bag of your golf clubs at Greens accessible during regular store hours.
)  Tee time hours are transferable to any immediate family member during regular store hours when staff is present without adult Member. Does not apply for "off hour" play. The Green Jacket member package costs $1620 for 36 hours of golf play.   

Click on Book Now! to be directed to the booking page.  Be sure to Register first if you
are a new visitor to Greens to become a Member in order to proceed with a tee time booking.